Digital transformation

Are you developing or deploying Web3 technologies? Then you probably know you are operating in a dynamic legal environment, volatile even, sometimes.

Ethical dilemmas: unplug robot or not?
Dilemma: unplug or not?

Navigating an unregulated sphere

NEXT Institute can help you build a future-proof service or product that is in line with both the current legal framework, as well as future legislation that is still in the pipeline.

We offer various services at the intersection of web3, strategy and the law.

  • Sparring partner and legal consultant
  • Legal and legislative RESEARCH
  • Legal RISK ASSESSMENT: SWOT analysis of your technology deployment
  • Analysis TERMS and CONDITIONS of the platform or technology used
  • ARTICLES or EXPLAINERS about the state of tech legislation in your field
  • Development interdisciplinary educational materials (legal tech)

We can zoom in on:
– specific technologies of platforms
– specific regions
– specific laws or legal frameworks

Interdisciplinary Approach

The ability to think across disciplines is essential to the work of 21st-century professionals.

NEXT Institute connects the dots between disciplines, with a focus on technology and the rule of law.

Some of these technologies are listed here, but we can research or advise on other technology-related topics too.

Areas of Expertise

Web3 and the law
– where are we now: legislative initiatives
– where are we heading: what legislation to expect
– legislative grey zones: room to develop future-proof, resilient tech

The metaverse
beyond Facebook, gaming and digital art
       – the law of the metaverse: converting legacy legislation to a supranational, virtual framework
        – identity issues: e.g. federated identities, decentralized IDs, NFT IDs, IP rights of avatars and biometrics
– experiments and their relevance for the future

e.g. executable NFTs, iNFTs, smart contracts, tokenization and ownership, infringements and enforceability

e.g. DeFi, crypto
– blockchain versus torrenting
        – peer-to-peer, trustless interaction: a myth or the future of the Internet?

Machine learning & robotics
including impact of AI, machine ethics

Virtual existence
e.g. extended reality (MR, VR, AR, aR), (il)legality of deepfakes

future-proof design | development | deployment

Professional development

The current legal framework is poorly equipped to tackle the challenges we are about to face, when complex technologies like AI, robotics and blockchain mature.

To operate in the digital sphere, we need to understand the underlying technologies in legal context.

NEXT Institute addresses this hiatus by developing interdisciplinary courses that explore the gray zone between technology and law.

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