What we do

NEXT Institute offers various services at the intersection of technology, strategy and the law. We help you build future-proof services or products that are in line with both the current legal framework and legislation that is still in the pipeline.

  • Legal and legislative RESEARCH
  • Legal RISK ASSESSMENT: SWOT analysis of your technology deployment
  • Analysis TERMS and CONDITIONS of the platform or technology used
  • ARTICLES or EXPLAINERS about the state of tech legislation in your field
  • Development interdisciplinary EDUCATIONAL materials (legal tech)

Contact us when you want to future-proof tech! We can zoom in on specific platforms, regions or laws.

Aiming for responsible technologies.

Why we do it

NEXT Institute was born out of concern. The digital renaissance has disrupted the system to the extent that it no longer seems manageable. Technology has become one of the pillars of power, but it remains mostly unchecked. Some of the apps and products that these technologies have spawn are polarizing society, almost to the breaking point.

The good news is, it is not too late to set some boundaries. Yet, if we want to have a say in our future, we better start learning the language.

Responsible technologies

NEXT Institute for Technology & Law ultimately aims to make technologies more humane and technology companies accountable. We think understanding them is the first step.

Marie-Claire Aarts is an award-winning innovator

NEXT Institute for Technology & Law is an initiative of Marie-Claire Aarts. She is a Dutch lawyer who won several innovation awards for connecting the dots between technology and law, among which the prestigious Accenture Innovation Award.

“Many people told me they are feeling powerless in the face of the current state of the world. I felt the same. It was all so complex, unpredictable. Not knowing what expect feels very unsafe. To discover the method to the madness, I started to deconstruct the phenomena I didn’t understand. One by one.

NEXT Institute is the result of that process. It helped that I am a lawyer, studied logical theories and have a knack for technologies. I now work with people all over the world that want to work towards responsible technology. These are mostly digital nomads. We will be partnering with colleges and universities.”


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