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1-Day Workshop Fostering Ethical Technology Design | Development | Deployment

Responsible technology is a choice
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Are you an engineer eager to develop responsible technology? A lawyer or consultant working with new technologies? Does your organization wish to establish technology ethics policies, a Chief Ethics Officer or a Technology Ethics Board to guide your product development – but you don’t know where to start?

Good news then, NEXT Institute for Technology & Law organizes a Bootcamp RESPONSIBLE TECHNOLOGY & MACHINE ETHICS to foster ethical design, development and deployment for technology. The draft program is now online!

The Bootcamp is a spin-off of the ‘Responsible Use of Technology’ White Paper of the World Economic Forum >>

What is responsible technology

RESPONSIBLE TECHNOLOGY is about fair, ethical, and sustainable development and deployment of disruptive technologies – artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain.

Some of this can be regulated, but the moral compass of organizations themselves will also need to be recalibrated – because stakeholders or activist employees increasingly demand it. And because our own future is intertwined with those technologies.


Many organizations are facing the question: how are we going to incorporate these new technologies into our business model?

This ethics question tends to come up within the IT departments, who are usually the first to recognize the potential harmful impact of a technology. Or your sales department may recognize an increased interest within ethics in your client base.

There is often no point of contact within an organization for such issues, or a route to safeguard the ethical implementation of technology.

The BOOTCAMP RESPONSIBLE TECHNOLOGY is an entry point for an organization-wide conversation.


Complex technologies have so far been able to develop with fairly few restrictions. Although some undesirable ramifications of these technologies are being addressed, little or no rules have been set for the development of the technologies themselves.

It is clear that the current legal framework is poorly equipped to deal with the harmful side-effects, let alone the challenges we will face when these complex technologies mature.

Radically new technologies are extremely difficult to regulate, as they take on a new form once the lengthy legislative process produces restrictions.

However, this is changing. As disruptive technologies permeate all aspects of our lives and negative side-effects become more apparent, the call for responsible, more humane technologies is growing. Ethical task forces are forming around the globe and least 25 countries have announced national AI strategies.

The umbrella term for all this is RESPONSIBLE TECHNOLOGY.

Workshop Description

It takes time to drive change, but this 1-day Bootcamp can help you kickstart this process. NEXT Institute’s Bootcamp RESPONSIBLE TECHNOLOGY & MACHINE ETHICS is your opportunity to bring together technical and non-technical stakeholders within your organization.

In this compact workshop, you’ll explore the interdisciplinary field of technology, ethics and the law.


Responsible technology value chainWe’ll zoom in on your value chain, following the life cycle phases defined by the World Economic Forum and the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Source: World Economic Forum:
White Paper Responsible Use of Technology

The relevant questions to ask in each phase

The actions to take in each phase (each phase may demand different actions).

Identifying the prominent actors for each phase.

Identifying prominent actors within your organization.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is designed for policy-makers, public officers, entrepreneurs, investors, businessmen, lawyers, practitioners, consultants, engineers, and other professionals interested either in bringing AI, robotics, and blockchain products onto the market or in making use of these technologies within their organizations or in their products.

Every group session is open to a maximum of 8 participants and it will be activated with a minimum of 5. We’ll advise you on the optimal composition of the group.

We can also organize peer group sessions, during which you can touch base with individual participants from other organizations who face similar challenges.


  • Self-study: 3 hours
  • Group session: 2 hours
  • Practical assignment: 3 hours

This includes an evaluation schema, a catalogue of best practices, and a compilation of case studies.

The content is designed by considering current state of technology and the job market. Although the course covers global developments, we focus on the US and Europe.

About the moderator

Marie-Claire Aarts is an award-winning innovator

The workshop is designed and moderated by Marie-Claire Aarts, a lawyer and founder of the Institute, who pioneered the hybrid field of technology and law. She won international awards for her innovations in the interdisciplinary gray zone – among which the prestigious Accenture Innovation Award.

Furthermore, she has extensive experience in moderating brainstorm sessions for startups and develops accredited distance-learning modules.

Workshop Features

  • Interactive group session
  • Self-study: 2 quizzes
  • Self-study: downloadable materials: eBook (20p)
  • 1 practical assignment
  • Language: English or Dutch
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Number of participants: 5-8
  • Beginner | intermediate level
  • Online event (live Bootcamp possible in The Netherlands, Flanders and Italy)


  • Post-session Q&A or sparring
  • Certificate of completion

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