Definition of Prebunking

Prebunking refers to a new field in psychology, that attempts to build psychological resistance against online misinformation strategies by ‘inoculation’ (artificially inducing immunity).

As opposed to debunking false narratives, which takes place after people have been exposed to falsehoods, prebunking aims to build resistance against toxic and false narratives before exposure.

The intervention technique relies on teaching people how to construct fake news, so they may become resistant against the real thing when they encounter it. This method aims to give people insight into the workings of manipulation and brainwashing.

The fallacy section of NEXT Institute has a similar objective.



Cambridge University has developed a fake-news simulator reduces susceptibility to disinformation. Fake news ‘vaccine’ works: ‘Pre-bunking’ game reduces susceptibility to disinformation’.

The spread of fake news is a growing problem, particularly online, with serious consequences in the real world. In written evidence to the Parliamentary inquiry, we note that fake news is a clear threat to the democratic process, with the potential to severely disrupt the exercise of free and fair elections.

Source: Cambridge University