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Most jobs no longer focus on a single discipline. 21st-century professionals must have some knowledge outside their own field. In a world where change is constant, NEXT Institute connects the dots between the various fields, with a focus on technology and the rule of law.

Many of the issues of the digital age overlap disciplines. That is what makes it so complex. You can only get the overall picture if you connect the dots.

Our explainers let you hop from topic to topic – crisscrossing between related phenomena and across disciplines – approaching it from different angles: technology, the rule of law, psychology, and the theories of logic.

More information: How to use the explainers.

NEXT Institute ultimately aims to make technologies more humane and technology companies accountable. We think understanding them is the first step. More information: ABOUT US.

NEXT Institute is not an academic institution, but we are a strong believer in science. We aim to be factual. If we have unintentionally oversimplified, let us know.

Yes! We gladly work with educational organizations to develop courses. Vice versa, if you wish to sell your own course on the NEXT Institute platform, let us know. More on this on our CONTRIBUTORS page.

Paid courses will generally remain available for as long as you keep your NEXT Institute account, unless otherwise specified during checkout. On rare occasions we may need to remove certain courses for legal or other reasons. We reserve the right to update courses without offering a refund or exchange. Free courses may tend to have a limited life cycle.

We offer free courses to let you get a feel for what we are doing. Some courses may no longer be freely available after the introduction period, so you best take advantage of early bird offers!

NEXT Institute is a young initiative with a mission to create awareness. The explainer section mirrors the themes of the time. New explainers will be added regularly, so some explainers may disappear to make room for new items.

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