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Your future skills set must include basic knowledge of AI and Web3. These are the technology abbreviations and acronyms you need to know in 2023 to understand the AI revolution. When underlined, you can click on a term to get a compact explanation of the core issues with that specific technology. To join the post-digital age its essential to know its own jargon.

2FATwo-Factor Authentication
4IRFourth Industrial RevolutionIndustry 4.0, 4th industrial revolution
5G5th Generation (mobile network)Fifth generation (mobile network)
AGIArtificial General IntelligenceGeneral Artificial Intelligence, General AI
AIArtificial Intelligence
AMAdditive Manufacturing3D printing
AMMAutomated Market Maker
AMQPAdvanced Message Queuing Protocol
ANIArtificial Narrow IntelligenceNarrow Artificial Intelligence, Narrow AI, Weak AI
ANNArtificial Neural Network
APIApplication Programming Interface
aRAssisted Reality
ARAugmented Reality
ASICApplication-Specific Integrated Circuit
ASIArtificial Social Intelligence
ASIArtificial Super IntelligenceSuperintelligence, Hyperintelligence, Superhuman intelligence, Ultra-intelligence
ASRAutomatic Speech Recognition
BBSBlockchain-Based Solution
BERTBidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (language model)
CBDCCentral Bank Digital Currency
CECConstant Error Carousel
CeFiCentralized Finance
CEXCentralized Exchange
CGIComputer-Generated Imagery
CICollective intelligence
CNNConvolutional Neural NetworkConvNe
ConvNeConvolutional Neural NetworkCNN
CTCConnectionist Temporal Classification
CVComputer Vision
DACDecentralized Autonomous Corporation
DAFDecentralized Autonomous Federation
DAGDirected Acyclic Graph
DAODecentralized Autonomous Organization
dAppDecentralized applicationDApp, Dapp, dapp
DeFiDecentralized Finance
DeGovDecentralized Governance
DevOpsDevelopment and Operations
DESData Encryption Standard
DEX Decentralized Exchange
DIDDecentralized Identifier Decentralized ID
DLDeep LearningDeep Structured Learning
Ledger Technology
DMCADigital Millennium Copyright Act
DNNDeep Neural Network
DoSDenial of Service
DPDigital Philosophy
DPoSDelegated Proof-of-Stake
DSLDigital Subscriber Line
ECDSAElliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
EOAExternally Owned Account
FoVField of View
FOSSFree and Open-Source Software
FPTFunctional Programming Token
FTPFile Transfer ProtocolApplication Layer Protocol (Web2)
FWAFixed Wireless Access
GameFiHybrid term, combining Game and Finance
GANGenerative Adversarial Network
GIFGraphics Interchange Format
GPTGenerative Pre-Training (language model)
GPUGraphic Processing Unit
GTP-3Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3
GTP-4Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4
HDRIHigh Dynamic Range Image
HMACHash-based Message Authentication Code
HMDHead-Mounted Display
HTTPHypertext Transfer ProtocolApplication layer protocol and backbone of the World Wide Web (Web2)
HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
HUDHead-Up DisplayHeads-Up Display
ICOInitial Coin Offering
IDOInitial DEX OfferingInitial Decentralized Exchange Offering
IDSIntrusion Detection System
IEOInitial Exchange Offering
Industry 4.0Fourth Industrial Revolution4IR
IIoTIndustrial Internet of Things
IoTInternet of Things
IPFSInterPlanetary File System
IRLIn Real Life
ISOInternational Standardization Organization
ISPInternet Service Provider
JPEGJoint Photographic Expert GroupJPG
JPG Joint Photographic Expert Group JPEG
JSONJavaScript Object Notation
KOLKey Opinion Leader
LANLocal Area Network
LAWSLethal Autonomous Weapon SystemsLethal Autonomous Weapons, Killer robots
LLMLarge Language Model
LPLiquidity Pool
LSTMLong Short-Term Memory
M2MMachine-to-Machine (e.g. M2M communication)
MetanomicsHybrid term, combining metaverse and economics
MLMachine Learning
MMORPGMassively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
MQTTMessage Queuing Telemetry Transport
(standard for IoT messaging)
MRMixed RealityHybrid Reality
uTPMicro Transport Protocol
MVPMinimum Viable Product
NFSNon Fungible Signature
NFTNon-fungible token
NFTs 2.0Second generation NFTsuNFT, Utility NFT
NLNNNon-Learning Neural Networks
NLINatural Language Interpretation
NLPNatural Language Processing
NLUNatural Language Understanding
NNNeural NetworkNeural Net
NPCNon-Player Character
NSFW Not Safe For Work
OSSOpen Source Software
OTP tokenOne-Time Password token
P2EPlay-to-Earn (gaming)
PCFGProbabilistic Context Free Grammar
PDFPortable Document Format
PFPProfile Picture
PFP NFTProfile Picture Non-Fungible Token
PGPPretty Good Privacy
PhygitalFusion of the words physical and digital
PIIPersonally Identifiable Information
PMProgrammable Money
POAPProof of Attendance Protocol
POPPoint of Presence
PoSProof of Stake
PoWProof of Work
PPCPay Per Click
PropTechProperty Technology
PUPPotentially Unwanted Program
QRQuick Response (code)
RaaSRansomware as a Service
RJTReplicated Journal Technology
RLReinforcement Learning
RNNRecurrent Neural Network
RPARobotic Process Automation
RSSReally Simple Syndication | Rich Site Summary
SCSmart Contract
SFXSpecial Effects
SIPSession Initiation Protocol
SLSupervised Learning
SLAMSimultaneous Location And Mapping
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolApplication Layer Protocol (Web2)
SMRState Machine Replication
SNNSimulated Neural Network
SQLStructured Query Language
SRSpeech Recognition
SSISelf-Sovereign Identity
SSLSecure Sockets Layer
SSOSingle Sign-On
STMLSpoken Text Markup Language
STOSecurity Token Offering
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TLSTransport Layer Security
TOGAFThe Open Group Architecture FrameworkTOTP
TokenIDToken Identifier
TOTPTime-based One-time Password
UGCUser-Generated Content
UIUser Interface
UL Unsupervised Learning
uNFTUtility NFTNFT 2.0
UTXOUnspent Transaction Output
UXUser Experience
VFXVisual effects
VRVirtual Reality
VTubing Virtual YouTubing
WAPWireless Access Point
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
Web3Web 3.0Decentralized Web
WWWWorld Wide Web
XRExtended RealityX-Reality
List of relevant acronyms, abbreviations and synonyms of the technologies that are shaping our future.